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Reflections on Life, School, and Friendships

paukenschlagDec. 12th, 2006 02:20 pm Weird.

Apparently Mr Courtney now has a LJ for his math class: see asamath. It's not open membership, however.


EJ (paukenschlag)

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paukenschlagJul. 14th, 2006 09:20 pm ASA2006 general administrativa


Once you receive your college address/mailing information, please forward it on to eddie.jensen@gmail.com. Also, please pass this on to fellow ASA2006 members who don't have LJs.

I'm going to maintain a list of class addresses so that we can send actual letters and cards to people. Because a card is sometimes really nice to receive in the mail.

EJ (eddie.jensen@gmail.com)
(cross-posted to asaians, asa2006 and paukenschlag)

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immortalgnolJan. 18th, 2006 11:20 pm Switching to Super Human Mode...

There comes a time in the life of every ASA student when they have to go Super Human. I mean, here it is, third quarter, Senior Year, and things are in high gear. Crowley paper, Senior Project, college auditions, scholarship applications, Regionals, Solo and Ensemble, French Essays, Parametric Derivatives, Rosie's House, Band Practice, Gigs, PSG Side by Side Concert. It is all coming down around our ears, and here we are, just normal ASA students, kids until now.

The teachers and parents were all wrong. Life doesn't start in college. It starts now. Responsibility, long hours, and exhaustion are what we experience in our Senior Years. Also, excitement, anxiety, and determination. We have gritted our teeth, and we are going to finish strong if it kills us.

So we are in Super Human mode. We push on, disregarding our lack of sleep and our stress ravaged bodies. We ignore the small pains that plague our bodies, pains that weren't there a year ago. That is our life, and we live it with pride. After all, we are Seniors. We are the elite, thirty-six individuals who made it. I remember freshman year. There were seventy-five of us, and I thought all of us were going to be ASA Seniors someday. Over half didn't, though. So congratulations, class of 2006. You did what so many others couldn't. Bravo.

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vanillavjvJan. 13th, 2006 07:47 pm Seniors!!!

FOR TUESDAY Jan.17, 2006:

we need to have a meeting friday at lunch, and were gonna talk to Mrs.Dill for some class time. Even if you guys have a meeting, we all need to be there because this needs to be turned in to Mrs.Dill by wednesday.

Everyone needs to bring:

-photos if still haven't brought them
-your part of the skit written, outline, whatever you have

Senior Performance:

-whoever was gonna bring the sheet music to the Vitamin C-Graduation song, bring it..please!!
-musicians; (perry, stephen, joey, david, (me-vania), matt...anyone else...sorry if i forgot someone!!)
-Dancers; maybe we can add interpretive dance, or something cool
-Drama; improve
-and of course, voices (everyone preferably!!)

Seniors: pass this on to other seniors if you could, so that it could be circulated!!

Thanks, have a great weekend everyone!!

Vania Julia

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therabidjesterSep. 21st, 2005 10:02 pm Redia mon tutti

x-posted into my own journal AND asaianpictures.

A Photographic Recap: ASA Edition v1 [Alix]Collapse )

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therabidjesterSep. 18th, 2005 08:11 pm This reminds me of Winter at ASA.

Credit to David.

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vanillavjvSep. 12th, 2005 12:19 am the memories of yesterday, the ideas of tomorrow

i too spent most of my life working towards college. i'm ok with changes, its just the anticipation of them is most difficult. the whole process of it; i hold on to the memories of yesterday and my hopes and unrealistic ideals for the future that would keep things the same for the future. i enjoy so much what our class has, and the way things are. i love it. its so fun. if only things could be the same. and yet, i look forward to the future. the idea of college, a car, a job, being independent, living away from home. and yet that idea means, bills, work, maintenance, and a huge responsibility none of us have to worry about. and yet, it is the path to our career, and life after college. the ideas, the possibilities.
the idea of letting go and embracing what is to come is always hard. not that i haven't done before, believe, i've done it twice. but it isn't easy, by no means is it easy. yet both times, i have seen the benefits of the new change, and i'm glad to have embraced the change. its scary, this turning point. the transition from being worry-free, to such huge responsibilities. i hope we all, as a class, in some way, stay connected. we may all be going far away, or not too far, but we all come from the threshold and hopefully we'll maintain the strong and genuine relationships asa nurtures.

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immortalgnolSep. 11th, 2005 11:53 pm The Kick Off

I guess it is up to me to post the very first entry into our Class of 2006 LiveJournal Record Book. I think it is weird that we are the class of '06, actually. We are young. I hang out with old people a lot, who graduated in like '82, and I think, "Where did the turn of the Century come from? Where did these people's time go?"

It's odd.

Well, it is officially the second month of school. We are approaching the deadline of our first Crowley paper, and we just passed the deadline for our second lab report, and I think we have all felt at one time or another that this is not going to be the easiest year. Quite the contrary, actually. We are bracing now for a long haul, one that will take us through the final leg of the journey, on to the prize.

That is something that I am realizing about myself. College, at least for me, really is the prize. I have spent very little time in my life thinking about life after college, or even in general. My focus has been on school and school alone, all for the purpose of getting to college. Now that I am at that point, finally on the edge of something more, I feel as if I have lost some of my purpose. "What now?", my mind asks. The answer is, "I don't know, but I am willing to think about it."

I am planning to double major in Music and Physics up at the University of Oregon. I never pictured myself going to Oregon as a kid. I never pictured myself going into physics, or even music for that matter. What happened to the dreams of old, when I was going to be a doctor, fly in the Air Force, and sit down in my old age to write my novel, the one that would change humanity? Where, when, how did all of that fade into what is my reality now? I am not afraid of what has become, just bewildered at what didn't. We don't realize how fast our lives slip away from childhood until we are adults. By then, there is no turning back...

So I want to offer this call out to all of you, who have joined me so recently on this path of life. I want to send this plea to all of you whom I hold so dear: let us, the Arizona School for the Arts Senior Class of 2006, make this year the year of years. Let us show our hearts to the world this year, so that they may know that at least we have lived. At least we have taken life and have enjoyed it to its fullest. That at least we have stuck together through the hard times and good times, when tears and laughter resounded simultaneously. We may part ways soon, but the important part is that for a few years at least, we were together, walking this path of life. So let this ring in the new year, the last in this legacy. May it follow in the tradition that we ourselves have created.

Have a good year, class of 2006.


David A. Long

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eddiejensenSep. 6th, 2005 06:24 pm Shallow post

This is a post to update the ASA2006 LJ.

Update complete.

Add things. Please?

Eddie (eddiejensen)
moderator of asa2006

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eddiejensenMar. 26th, 2005 09:46 pm Greetings and salutations

Welcome to the ASA2006 Live Journal!

Eddie Jensen, community moderator

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